Comments I have received about Pam's Page

From Ashley...
"She was a very beautiful and popular girl. I live out of state now, but I remember the Posen's as a very popular family in town. Pam had long dark hair and was the kind of girl who "had it all" in high school."

From John...
"I read your memorial to Pamela Posen. It was a thoughtful tribute to her memory. I guess all the news surrounding the upcoming trial of the two Libyan suspects led me to go to the website honoring those who lost their lives now almost 12 years ago. It's hard to believe its been that long ago already. I did not know the Posen family dedicated a park or playground in her honor in Harrison, NY but I believe it is a beautiful tribute to a woman who was denied the chance of continuing on with her life like the rest of us.

I did not know her personally but I knew her dad, he was an orthodontist. When I heard what happened I was frozen by the news. My prayers go out to the Posen family and all the families of Pan Am 103 and the town of Lockerbie. They need our prayers now more than ever especially since the media spectacle of this trial will likely bring forth even more painful feelings

From Mary...
I went to school with Pam Posen, she was one grade above me. Her father was my orthodontist. I did not know her very well, but I will never forget the horror of this plane crash. What I do remember of her was that she was very beautiful, and the most popular girl in the school. I remember seeing her father's face after that, as he went about his work, a pain and sadness that I am sure will never leave. I know now a few more people that were killed in New York in September (2001), and it made me think of Pam, and I found your site while searching her name on the internet. It is very nice of you to have this page for someone you do not even know."

"I would think that Dr. Posen would be happy to be in contact with you, he loved his daughter so much, and it is not an ordinary person that would take the time to construct a web site for a person whom he does not even know. I respect that you respect his privacy, though. If you look into Yahoo, under Pamela Lynn Posen, you could find her father, he has set up a few memorial causes under her name. Jack, I believe, is his name, I only called him Dr. Posen, and my teeth are straight because of him.

I know that after someone dies, people often speak of them as more beautiful, popular, etc. than they were. But Pam really was the most beautiful and popular person, although she was not the best student, as I understand. As I said before, Pam was not a "friend" of mine, she was a grade above me, and well beyond my adolescent circle of friends. She merely knew who I was, as someone who her father put braces on. Her death came even closer to home for me as one of my best friends, who was a good friend of hers, was on the same student correspondent trip to London with her. She had a reservation to come back to NY on flight 103, but postponed it, I don't remember why. She now has five children who would not be alive now if she had taken her originally scheduled flight. It often occurs to me whose lives, (or not lives) were affected by this terrorist act? And the more recent terrorist acts? Well, I am happy that someone is as thoughtful as you are to have made a place of memorial for someone that you don't know. I think you should contact Dr. Posen.

From Susan...
"I came across your web page and was very touched by it. I knew Pam at Boston University. If you haven't since found more info on Pam, I have attached a recent article I found."

From Margaret...
"I am researching the death of Pam Posen for a story I am writing about her and found my way to this web page. I went to camp with Pam for seven years and was friendly with her although she was an age group ahead of me. She was very popular and pretty and athletic and was best friends for a time with my sister. I wish I could tell you more and I wish I could contact her family, too. It's so senseless and shocking, still, all these years later!"


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