In Memory of Pamela Lynn Posen 1968-1988

Pam's Playground in Memory of Pamela Lynn Posen killed by a terrorist bomb on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland December 21, 1988
Pam's Playground
While driving home from a long day of shopping, my kids and I saw this fantastic playground next to an elementary school in Harrison, NY.                          
Pam's Playground
We had become playground connoisseurs, always on the lookout for bigger, better, and more fun places to play. This playground was the best we had ever seen.
Pam's Playground
We decided to stop to let the kids burn off some of their endless energy. While they played, I looked around at the amazing assortment of playground equipment.
Pam's Playground
It was then that I first saw the stone and brass marker. It seemed so out of place amidst the climbing toys. I read the inscription and was stunned by its tragic tale.

Although I didn't know Pam or her family personally, I was overwhelmed with sorrow for her senseless death. She was only 20, just entering the prime of her life. I decided to try to find out more about her. I did a search on the Internet and found almost no information about her except for her name listed on the Pan Am Flight 103 Passenger List. Because there was no further information about her there, I decided to create this small memorial page.

Unfortunately, I still know nothing about Pamela Posen except that she had the misfortune to be on Pan Am Flight 103 from London to New York on December 21, 1988. Why was she in London? Was she one of the exchange students on the plane? I can only assume she was on her way home to Harrison, NY for the holidays. I have not attempted to contact her family, they have suffered more than they deserve and have a right to their privacy.

Unlike monotonous monuments and soulless statues, Pam's Playground is a celebration of life, a living gift to the children of her home town. It is one of the most creative and useful memorials I have ever seen. I would like to thank her family for this inspired gift. I cannot imagine the grief they must feel over Pam's loss, but I hope that they take a small measure of comfort in the joy they have given to the children who love Pam's Playground, and in the realization that Pam and the other victims of this cowardly act of terrorism will not be forgotten.

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