Atlanta Triker

Ed Porcheddu
"Fast Eddie" and "Yankee Raider"

permanently escaped the bounds of earth after crashing his Mitchell Wing (airplane) on August 11, 2005 around 7:15PM at the Jackson County Airport. After take off, the engine did not produce sufficient power to maintain altitude. He circled at low altitude attempting to return to the runway. He stalled the airplane short of the runway and died upon impact. Eddie previously owned and flew an Airborne EdgeX Wizzard R582 (pictured below), which he sold to his last trike student prior to purchasing the Mitchell Wing airplane. Eddie continued training the new trike pilot. Originally from New York State, Eddie lived with his family in Dracula, GA. He is surviced by his spouse Marianne, daughter Nicole, and sons Vince and Chris. Eddie was a private pilot. He was a creative and active individual. Below he demonstrates his home-built, remote trike.

Fast Eddie Remote Trike