October 4, 2001. It has been a very sad couple of days.

Tuesday night was the wake for Zadley. Thanks to the Delt Brotherhood for sending flowers, Zadley's family really appreciated it. His father said many times how much Brad loved Delts and what a big part of his life the fraternity was.

It was good to see old friends we hadn't seen in many years, but we all remarked that of course the circumstances could have been better, and we should all make better efforts to return for AWE.

Delt brothers who showed up were Chuck Palmer, Harry Horning, Jim Sannerud, Mark Strollo, and Elliot Kaufman and his wife Linda. Also present were Chris Garrett and Roy Urdanoff, a high school friend, RPI classmate, and former roommate of Zadley at "the Garden", the apartment down the road from Delts.

After the wake, we all went out for dinner and hoisted a few for Brad -- until they turned the lights on and chased us out. Strollo actually drove home because he had to be at work at 6AM, and said he would be back in time for the funeral. (He was.)

Wednesday morning was the church service. I'm sure Zadley would have preferred some Grateful Dead or Led Zeppelin instead of that damn depressing organ music, but it was a nice service. Elliot gave a touching eulogy, remembering some of Zadley's warmth, and his craziness. Then Brad's Uncle Floyd spoke and talked about when Brad was a kid. This was enlightening because it was obvious that Zadley was just as crazy as a little kid as he was when we knew him. (He called his uncle, Uncle Sployd.)

Last to speak was Brad's older brother Jeff (Brad was second oldest of 4 brothers). Jeff was really broken up, and had to stop a few times to compose himself, but gave a very emotional eulogy. When he was finished I don't think that there was a dry eye in the church. More damn depressing organ music.

Finally the minister got back up and read two letters about Brad, one from Ed Weed (Delt 1982) and one from Roy Urdanoff. Then we all walked over to the cemetery behind the church for the burial.

I was pleased to meet four active brothers who came to pay their respects.

A few more tears were shed at the grave, then we had a little lunch reception back at the church before everyone headed home.

Brad's coffin after the service. It is strange to see the year of your own birth on a friend's coffin. Brad is the first of my contemporaries to die. I went back after the reception for one final goodbye before driving home, and he was already in the ground. One of these years I will have to visit, the next time I am in Longmeadow, MA.